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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. it's been a dramatic week and even more dramatic t90 minutes. the new sheriff, ross markarimi, is charged with domestic violence. he says he's fighting the charges. >> it's not just what markarimi's saying, it's also what the d.a. is saying. we begin with nbc bay area's monty francis with details. you were there this evening, saying markarimi's wife got teary-eyed, sticking with her husband. >> reporter: that's right. the big headline, though, here is that markarimi says he will not resign as a result of these three misdemeanor charges. just a short time ago here at city hall, he says he believes in the system. he also says he believes that at the end of whatever legal process plays out, he will be exonerated. >> believe that these charges are very unfounded, and we will fight these charges. and i'm confident that in the
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end that we will succeed in showing the missteps. >> this is going to say -- this is unbelievable. how i say before, i don't have any complaint against my husband. we are together, and we are fighting. we are going to fight this. this is my family. my husband and my son. this is unbelievable. this is completely wrong. >> reporter: as you heard, markarimi's wife was tearful in her reaction and continues to deny there's any abuse in her with her husband. just after the statement, markarimi left city hall with his attorney who indicated they were citizen route to the hall of justice so markarimi could be booked. the charges stem from an incident over new year's weekend in which markarimi's accused of forcefully grabbing lopez and giving her a bruise on her upper right arm. the case was prompted by a
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neighbor who says lopez came to her to confide in her about being abused by markarimi. that neighbor, ivory madison, allegedly had a photo of lopez's bruised arm along with text messages from lopez detailing what happened, all of which is in the hands of the d.a. the three misdemeanors filed this afternoon against the sheriff include domestic violence battery, child endangerment, and dissuading a witness. this afternoon, the district attorney explained those charges. >> we have evidence that indicates that the young child was present during the incident. we have evidence, a charge of dissuading or attempting to dissuade a witness. this has to do with the intent to either preclude the victim or witness from calling the police and reporting a crime or from assist i assisting in having the judicial
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process move forward. >> reporter: if convicted of any of the three misdemeanors, markarimi would have to forfeit his gun, making him the only unarmed sheriff in the state. we're told markarimi put in a request days ago to be booked inside his office so he could avoid going to the jail to be processed. the sfpd insisted that markarimi turn himself in. also if convicted, markarimi could face anything from probation to a year in jail. as for the political fight ahead of him, some folks here at city hall are already calling on markarimi to resign. and under city law, mayor ed lee has the power to temporarily suspend name maim and charge him with mis-- suspend markarimi and charge him with misconduct. no word on whether that will happen. for now ross markarimi remains the sheriff of san francisco county. he's expected to be arraigned on tuesday. live in san francisco, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a long and complicated process ahead of us and ahead for the sheriff, as well. let's go to
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you chean check there for raw video of the conferences, from markarimi, his wife, and d.a. we're also working on mayor ed lee to check in with him at 11:00. not the right kind of education. another bay area teacher under arrest charged with allegedly having sex with a student. police arrested 38-year-old peter kolesnikov, a teacher at james logan high in union city yesterday on suspicion of having sex with a 16-year-old girl. he was allegedly en route meet the girl who's now 17. investigators say the sexual encounters between the two occurred numerous times between march and november of last year. he's accused of three felonies including statutory rape. it turns out he's been on leave from school for reasons unrelated to the charges since the beginning of the school year. in san francisco, he's accused of three violent sexual assaults that terrorized two neighborhoods for months. today, though, frederick dozier
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entered a not guilty plea to felony counts including attempted murder. prosecors believe he attacked three women between june and december among the mission district 24th street corridor. dozier had worked as a food services worker before police took him into custody last week. the 32-year-old will be held without bail until his next court appearance next month. computers at a local college have been hacked and are being used by criminal networks around the world. students at city college of san francisco are being warned. traci grant explains how administrators are handling this tech emergency. >> reporter: well, raj, the chancellor here at city college of san francisco says the students have always been discouraged from using computers for personal information. he says when they return to class next week, they will be reminded once again to only use the computers for homework or
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writing papers. no passwords and especially no online banking because the computer system is no longer safe. >> this is a computer lab that's set up for student use. it's used for several purposes. >> reporter: it's also the computer lab that's off limits at city college of san francisco. room 247b is designated for use by international students. and it appears that international criminal networks are also using these computers. school administrators say hackers from as far away as china and russia have worked their way to at least 17 i.p. addresses and servers dating back as far as 1999. >> we don't know specifically what information was taken. that there's been transmission of information to various other countries. >> reporter: chancellor don griffin says gaps in the transmission of information were detected on november 26. and the school launched an
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investigation immediately. griffin says the trustees were informed this week that those gaps meant that data was being lifted out of the computer system while viruses were being left behind. >> it makes me scared to, you know, use the internet. especially for people who really depend on the internet. and public facilities. i think it's kind of sad just because not everyone has the luxury to use their own computer at home. >> reporter: some say it makes sense that international students working hard to keep in touch with family and using these computer for activities like banking were among the groups hit. the college is also looking into whether its employment or business data may have also been compromised. >> we're very angry that we are being targeted, particularly in this time are we have very low resources and money to be able to cope with some of this. >> reporter: well, the chancellor says he's hoping within the next few days this investigation will reveal exactly who was impacted by this. he says the school will reach out personally to all of the
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people who were affected and explain how their data was compromised. live in san francisco, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. new at 6:00, doom redevelopment agencies throughout california may get a temporary reprieve before each is dissolved. a handful of state lawmakers are pushing for an extension of the february 1 deadline to eliminate the 400 agencies. they want an extension until april 15 to give them time to prepare for the mass closings while insuring the current development projects move forward. millions of dollars in generated property taxes are going to be funneled from those agencies to the state in hopes of offsetting some of the $9.2 billion budget shortfall. the 49ers play their first playoff game in nine years tomorrow afternoon. but there was some big news today in santa clara about the future of the team. santa clara's city attorney declared the $ 50 million construction loan to build the new stadium will not be subject to a public vote after all. the bottom line, an $850 million
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green light for the 49ers. santa clara plays fair, though. an anti-stadium group has been collecting signatures in hopes of forceation referendum on the loan which was approved last month. a city attorney said the action was "an administrative act to carry out what the voters approved in june of 2010." that's had a vote passed to allow a new stadium to be built near the great america theme park. the anti-stadium group vows to continue to fight the loan no matter what. almost ten years, but this long playoff drought is finally ending. just like the old days, people are once again planning their weekend around the 49ers. we start with the dirty work. overtime for the field crew. our nbc chopper above the scene. hooks gore journalists -- looks gorgeous down there. getting a makeover for the game with the saints. the fans getting ready, as well. here's more. >> reporter: there's no miss taking the football allegiance of jose torres --
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>> every single game i went this year. >> reporter: especially when he's behind the wheel of his truck. >> it's red. niner colors, of course. >> reporter: this isn't the game day look. >> usually i have more flags on the truck, and i have the magnets. >> reporter: the long-time 49ers fan has driven his truck through good seasons and bad. this year, the team and the truck are turning heads. >> a lot of people are honking. i see them taking pictures of me driving. and they're giving me the thumbs up, number one, and all that. and you know, i don't pay attention because i'm driving. >> reporter: with the 49ers driving into the playoffs for the first time since the 2002 season, fans are gearing up. >> we're buying jerseys, buying shirts, you know, we're going to red it out tomorrow. >> reporter: the nfl shop at pier 39 was filled with the 49 faithful today because here the faithful bleed red and gold. >> you can feel it. the energy is buzzing everywhere, it's in the streets, everywhere. >> reporter: 49er fan tina
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jackson fuel the way from atlanta to cheer on the team. >> been a long time, you know, always being the butt of the jokes and -- you know, going -- knowing you're going home in december. so it's like it's -- it's the best feeling. >> reporter: down at fisherman's wharf, 49er fever was fueling a different kind of commerce. the fish company was selling plenty of crab for game day parties. >> the saints have been marching into town since yesterday. they've been coming in here, start talking to us about the crabs. amazed at how large our crabs are in comparison to their blue crabs. >> reporter: not all saints fans were getting the crabby treatment. exactly two people turned out for a welcome saints fans luncheon at fior d'italia restaurant. >> we had a few people say it could be a long flight back. >> reporter: it could be a long drive back for torres if the 49ers don't win. for now, the excitement of this
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unlikely season is like a road with no end in sight. nbc bay area news. we'll have your 49ers forecast coming up. that's surely going to favor, of course, our home team. meanwhile, today temperatures in the mid to upper 60s here across the bay area. close to 70 again in san jose and for tonight, you know the drill -- clear and cold here across the bay area. numbers will drop into the 30s. we'll have more on a developing system and when some rain could move back into the bay area coming up. >> thanks. tomorrow turns out it another spare the air day. should it be? coming up at 6:00, an nbc area investigation into air quality. is the science behind the days flawed? and a report on when apple's next gadget will hit the store shelves. and details about the dramatic bomb scare on a south bay freeway. li
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several unanswered questions in a brutal attack that has two women in critical condition. one is a 76-year-old woman whose apartment was invaded by a hammer-wielding attacker. the second is a restaurant delivery manman who interrupted the assault with a food delivery. police don't believe the robbery -- that robbery was the motive. raiding the question of -- raising the question of whether the attack was random. neighbors in the district are on knowledge after the attack. >> she minds her own business. she doesn't bother nobody on this street. >> well, makes me pretty nervous, yeah. i just -- if it's random, i mean, nobody's safe. but keep your doors locked and be careful who comes in. >> police say the attacker escaped in a light-colored sedan. they add that the 76-year-old woman probably would have been killed had the deliveryman not interrupted. we've got names. san jose police have identified two suspects involved in a bank robbery and bomb scare that jammed traffic for hours
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yesterday. mary an favaro has a closer look at the daring history and daring efforts of bomb technicians. >> reporter: san jose police arrested alfred apaiz and luis bar yos. both have a criminal past. apaiz has three misdemeanors and a felony conviction for assault with a firearm. barrios has seven misdemeanors and three felony convictions for assault and drug crimes. >> what we know about the suspects is that we believe they do have gang ties to criminal street gangs in san jose. >> reporter: you can thank both suspects for this gridlock on highway 85 yesterday. after allegedly robbing the bank of america branch on snell valley, they took off and crashed the car on highway 85. a good samaritan trained in martial arts caught one of the suspects as he ran off. police arrested the second suspect on the campus of gunderson high school. bomb square techs went to work
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to defuse a suspected explosive. >> in this case an individual did have to manipulate the bomb by hand, remove it from the vehicle, place it in a safe place. use a water charge with a remote detonation cord. >> reporter: turns out it was not a bomb, just a homemade device made to look like one. in san jose, marianne favaro, nbc bay area news. it's been a bumpy raid for the high speed rail project. governor brown vowed to push forward with the project. brunt's support comes less than 24 hours after the south korea of the project announce -- of the ceo of the project announced he would resign due to personal reasons. there will be a new chairman. lawmakers say they're skeptical of the project. the rail authority recently doubled the estimated cost of the project to $100 billion over the next 20 years. california's kindergarten classroom is becoming the rallying point for a statewide
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protest. governor arnold schwarzenegger signed a traditional bill in 2010 for young kindergartners. those not ready to do kindergarten but almost 5. it's threatened by budget cuts under governor jerry brown. at an annual meeting, the california kindergarten association mashlg emarshaled f fight. >> telling 125,000 kids there's no placing to n the kindergarten they were expectinging to to see and cutting childcare slots, it's the worst upon the worst. we need to take a step back, take a breath and say stick with the plan. we have spaces, we have the funding. we need to honor the commitment we made to these kids and their parents. >> the kindergarten readiness act raised the entry date by a few months and established transitional kindergarten for 5-year-olds with birthdays late in the we're. the goal is to avoid forcing younger student into kindergarten before they're actually ready. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i've been noticing a lot of saints fans around the streets. >> yeah. they're used to playing in the
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dome. we need to -- >> yeah -- >> and the humidity. cool, dry air at least for them. maybe it will throw off the game a little. heading into tomorrow, the game forecast coming up for 1:30 on saturday in a minute. as jan-tober continued, temperatures feeling more like october than january. 65 in liverpool, 70 in los gatos, 74 in santa cruz with mid 60s in san francisco. most numbers tone 15 degrees above -- numbers 10 to 15 degrees above average. dropping already to 54 in livermore. double 5s in estimate. the pattern now, still dry. only 16 days of rainfall this year. this time last year, we had nearly 60. that's putting us from three to six inches below for the water year. while it's bad for the water year, it's good for the game. this time of year we could have a huge rainstorm moving in. for the 49ers tomorrow, here's
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where i think it will play on the new orleans saints. look at this -- 63 degrees. mostly sunny skies, and a little wind out of the west. five to 15 miles per hour. throughout most of the game, numbers will be in the mid to upper 50s. something i don't think the new orleans saints are going to be able to handle. let's look out here. clear and cold as we continue throughout tonight. no raindrops for the entire state. and as we look at the overall pattern, what we're going to notice is that region of high pressure that brought us this jan-tober weather is weakening and pushing south. we're going to focus on colder air coming in namely by sunday to give us some weather whip lash here with temperatures dropping. for tomorrow morning, deal with more 20s here in the north bay. 33 in livermore, 38 in san jose, 34 in los gatos, low 40s expected in santa cruz. for tomorrow, it's going to be cold here into 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 with temperatures staying in the 40s for interior sections. as we transition through the day, 3:00 p.m., look at this, low 60s will be popping yet again in the south bay. another above average day for saturday. but as we head throughout
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sunday, the cold air will start to arrive. then by monday, take a look at this. with cold air in place and clear skies, we could have one of the coldest nights, maybe not only that we've had this year but in a couple of years with widespread 20s that could be coming back across the bay area. monday could be a brutal awakening. we'll have more coming up and more on the rain chances in my seven-day forecast. looks still pretty good, you guys. >> okay, thank you. you can track just about anything nowadays on line, right? what about tracking california's lone wolf? yes. you can. the state's department of fish and game put up a map showing the gray wolf's journey from oregon through northern california. the most rent posting shows the 2-year-old wolf is heading toward nevada. experts believe he is searching for a mate. the numbers are stacked against him as he's the first wolfst in california in more than 80 years. still ahead, a mega souvenir. we'll hear from the south bay man who took home a $200 million
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lotto prize. i'm scott budman. apple addresses charges of labor violations, and youtube takes on television. after the break. california declaring war on vampires sort of.
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good news if you're waiting for the issue pad 3. the rumor mill -- the ipad 3. the rumor mill has it coming out in march. we have news that's not so good about apple, as well. business & tech reporter scott budman has both stories this evening. it's a rare move. apple opening about the factories where its products are made, admitting that there are problems in some of the factories. apple addressing criticism of working conditions some suppliers, admitting that change is needed. ceo tim cook writing that suppliers stick to the company's 60-hour workweek just 38% of the
6:25 pm
time. also 108 of the facilities have not been paying proper overtime wages when due. and 56 did not have plans in place to prevent discrimination against pregnant employees. tim cook promising change. back here in the bay area, youtube targeting your favorite television station. the google-owned video website says it will spend $100 million to attract new tv-type programming to its site, fitness shows, auto shows, and fashion shows to be among the offering coming soon. also, we've been talking a lot about the consumer electronics show to week. tended today. among the -- it ended today. among the winning products coming from judges in the bay area, the ultrabook. we showed you these guys. very thin, very powerful. pretty expensive. $1,400. that coming with intel chips inside. the thermostat designed by the former design team from the ipod. this one coming from nest labs. and litro, our third winner. the small camera that actually lets you change focus. all sorts of innovation going into products like these. raj, a lot of activity at ces,
6:26 pm
and a lot of awards being taken home by silicon valley companies. back to you. >> as we say, you go with one suitcase, you come back with three. >> you were right. >> welcome back. sales force is expanding in san francisco. we knew that. right near at&t park. we didn't know the designs until now. here are some the designs of the two million square-foot project. the online software company hopes to begin construction this year on its 14-acre mission bay campus. colorful, huh? the sales force paid almost $300 million forhe f site a little more than a year ago. the headquarters will include office space for roughly 10,000 employees, as well as shops, restaurants, and childcare centers. is your battery charger costing you money? starting next year, battery charger sold in california must be more efficient. the state energy commission voted yesterday to approve groundbreaking efficiency standards targeting 170 million chargers that simply waste
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energy. the so-called vampire charging systems waste as much as 60% of the electricity they suck from the outlets. consumers stand to save a combined $306 million a year in electricity bills. manufactures argue the move will lead to more requirements that could drive up the cost of electronic. still ahead here, explosive testimony in the joseph niaso hearing. a former girlfriend testifies against him. what she claims he allegedly did to her. also ahead, a new fight for john edwards. the former senator and presidential candidate, the life-threatening medical condition that will delay his trial. >> reporter: and tonight we are uncovering more problems with the spare the air program. when it comes to the forecast, we found the air district is making a lot of errors. and it's costing you money. i'll have the investigation after the break. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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the spare the air program has hardly been questioned until now. our investigative unit is uncovering more information. a spare the air day has been issued for tomorrow, bringing the total number of days to 15 this winter. that's the most since 2006. >> the question tonight is -- how do those air quality officials decide had to issue an alert? and are the alerts even action creat -- even accurate? we found enforcement problems with the program. we have result on what some are calling unquestionable forecasts. >> reporter: spare the air days are when officials believe the air will be unhealthy. while forecasting is not an exact science, we uncovered they're making a lot of errors which could be affecting your health and costing you money. if you wanted to spend new year's day sitting by a real fire, you couldn't because it was a spare the air day. officials sent out this release stating air quality would be
6:31 pm
unhealthy. >> generally we're fairly accurate. >> reporter: what if we told you the air district got the forecast wrong and is getting it wrong on a lot of other days, too? we went through all of the district's predictions and compared them to the actual air quality readings. here's what we found. in december, the air quality was unhealthy on seven days. but spare the air alerts were never issued for three of those. now take a look at january. we've had four spare the air days, but none exceeded health standards. and get this -- there were two days the air quality was unhealthy. but the district missed those. >> what troubles us is when we forecast the air quality will be in the high moderates. and it goes above the health standard. that's what we're trying to avoid. and we make every effort to do that. >> reporter: the district says its meteorologists look at a lot of factors including historical data, weather conditions, and if they think people will be burning. air quality is then rated on a
6:32 pm
scale. anything over 100 triggers a spare the air alert. that's happened 14 times this season. 14 days you couldn't burn. we found the air quality unhealthy on four of those days. >> it appears that the district is issuing false alarms. >> when we call an alert and we come in under the health standard, that is a victory. that is fantastic. >> reporter: frustrating for those who avoid sparking a fire based on what the air district predicts. predictions that are often wrong. >> i think they need to get their act together from what you were telling me. if it wasn't a spare the air day and they issued it anyway, what's their -- explain that. >> i think that is t should be accurate, especially if they're going to ticket people and there's fines for it, yeah, i think that should be set as a standard. >> and the air district issues warnings at 2:00 p.m. for the following day. it says it has sacrificed accuracy in order to give residents more notice for days
6:33 pm
burning wood will be illegal. as we mentioned, there are a lot of variables that go into the forecast. however, when the district gets it wrong, it means you could get a warning letter and possibly a ticket on days when the air quality is actually good. back to you. >> okay. thank you very much. we have new details coming in to the newsroom now. it has to do with our top story today. charge filed against san francisco's new sheriff, ross markarimi. tonight just this afternoon, we learned he's facing three charges related to an alleged domestic violence incident that happened on new year's eve. the charges coming down this afternoon from san francisco district attorney george gascon. we have a response from mayor ed lee. we want to show you that. he says, "the charges filed today by the district attorney are extremely serious and troubling. as elected official, our primary responsible and focus must always be to fulfill our duties to the people of san francisco." lee going on to say, "the charges filed today by the district attorney are extremely
6:34 pm
serious and troubling. and as elected officials, our primary suspect and focus must be to fulfill our duties to the people of san francisco." the mayor goes on to say that he's going to wait and see what his options are now. that he's going to be looking at the charges. markarimi is being booked tonight on those three charges. late this afternoon, he said in a news conference with his wife that there were nothing to the charges, that they plan on fighting the charges. the mayor does is the option when he weighs his options here to suspend markarimi from being the sheriff of san francisco. something that may be on the table now and as soon as we know more, we'll let you know. more testimony today in day four of the preliminary hearing for accused alphabet killer jason naso. an 80-year-old former girlfriend testified again him from florida by video feed. naso, seen here last year, is acting as his own attorney. he questioned the woman directly. clearly trying to charm her at times after claiming naso choked
6:35 pm
her during sex. her memory seemed to fail a bit. naso told her she still looked good to him and tried to prompt her for happy memories of their time together in the 1990s. he has pleaded not guilty to killing four northern california women since 1977. new information in the case of the san jose teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student. there are now two alleged victims. 35-year-old craig chandler was formally charged in court today with assaulting two 7-year-olds. both were second grader at obey whaley elementary school in san jose where he taught. the alleged assaults took place on campus last fall. while police say they're trying to find other possible victims, chandler's lawyer says his client is devastated by these allegations. >> this is a very difficult position for him to be in. being in custody with this type of an allegation. i will sail he denies the allegations vehemently. we're going to move forward to vigorously defend him. >> chandler has taught second and third grade at the school
6:36 pm
for the past nine years. he's expected to enter a plea by the end of the month. the criminal trial of two-time presidential candidate john edwards has been delayed because it appears he has a life threatening heart condition. a letter from his cardiologist revealed that he has a heart condition. edwards is accused of violating campaign finance laws to cover up an affair he had. his attorney is seeking a 60-day delay so edwards can undergo a needed surgery next month and then have time to recover. prosecutors were poised to try edwards on six felony and misdemeanor counts, but the judge did delay the hearing until at least mid-march. four of the republican candidates for president were chided by a federal judge in virginia today who told them they were too late, and he's refusing the request to be placed on the republican primary ballot. a u.s. district judge in richmond ruled the candidates should have challenged virginia's primary rules earlier. he says they knew the guidelines
6:37 pm
months ago. texas governor rick perry filed the lawsuit last month. newt gingrich, rick santorum, and jon huntsman joined the lawsuit. this means only mitt romney and ron paul will be on the primary ballot march 6. the primary election rules prohibit write-in votes. president obama wants a power that u.s. presidents haven't had since the 1970s. the president wants consolidation authority in order to merge commerce and five related agencies. his goal is to reduce the government work force and make agencies more efficient. congress will consider the president's plan following his announcement earlier today. you can see the video we're showing. mr. obama used salmon as an example of how u.s. agencies overlap. ocean salmon are regulated pie the commerce department. but when salmon swim into fresh water, the interior department regulates the fish. sentenced in one country, facing charges in another possibly. 24-year-old joran van der sloot was sentenced in peru to 28 years for the 2010 murder of a
6:38 pm
young peruvian woman. under the legal system there, joran van der sloot might only have to serve 1/3 of his extend. he's facing accusations in the united states for allegedly trying to sell information on natalee holloway to her parents. her parents want him tried in her death. ahead, a cross country trip certainly worth the cost. how a san jose man struck it big in the big apple. also, why apple may become a victim of its own success. the riot outside an apple retail store. good evening. temperatures well above average again with plenty of upper 60s to near 70 degrees and also included san jose topping out at 68. tonight the clear and cold weather stays with us.
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start spreading the news. a south bay man is a mega millionaire tonight. daniel bruckner, a financial analyst from san jose, came forward in new york this morning to claim a $208 million mega millions jackpot that he won last month. he bought the ticket while there on vacation for the holidays. >> completely surreal. i mean, the first ten times you look at the ticket, you don't believe it. you think you're reading it wrong, and -- you do your checks, and then i asked christine to look, make sure i'm reading it right. and yeah, just completely surreal. and exciting. >> then christine had a heart
6:42 pm
attack. daniel and his wife chose the one lump sum payment of $15 it million. after taxes -- $153 million. after taxes, that's about it $101 million. >> not bad at all, huh? no iphone, big problem. apple halted the release of its iphone 4s at retail stores in beijing today after a near riot. take a look. [ crowd noise ] >> they're not happy. an angry mob of people who had waited overnight in the frigid temperatures pelted the store with eggs and assaulted a mall manager after employees refused to open as scheduled. police and mall security canceled the sale because of concerns. this is not the first time an apple release caused a public disturbance. the same store had its glass doors shattered in may during the launch of the ipad 2. let's turn things over to jeff and talk about the weekend. it is friday, tgif. >> i know. it's going to feel like winning the lottery at least in the weather department. >> we need to friend that guy.
6:43 pm
>> which guy? >> the guy who won the lottery. >> daniel -- >> from the bay area. >> i know. we do. we need to friend him. he needs to like our facebook page. we're doing that watch and win contest tonight. i digress. let's look tonight at the live sky camera network. it's clear. we'll talk about our gorgeous weekend and when change will arrive. >> reporter: and playoff fever has hit the pay area. you better believe it's contagious. 49ers a win away from the nfc championship game. a loss will force them to call it a season. a first-place team deserves first-place coverage. [ female announcer ] for dry, itchy skin, get lasting relief with gold bond intensive healing cream. it targets the underlying causes of itch and irritation. gold bond. intensive healing for lasting relief.
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back to you. day outside. we expect a beautiful weekend, too. >> yes. >> you're welcome, guys. >> even though most people will be inside tomorrow. >> watching the big game. >> we have the forecast coming up in a second. we did want to continue our tally here of the lack of rainfall now. 27 days with no rain. my seven-day forecast has the most promising chances of rain we have seen in about two months in the bay area. we'll get to that in a few minutes. let's get to the 49ers game tomorrow. if you're concerned about the forecast, it looks great at least for this time of year when we can't have rain moving in. we're expecting 63 at candlestick park. at 1:30.
6:46 pm
as the game continues through the afternoon and early evening hours, mainly temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. winds out of the west five to 15. we may have of course a little bit of that low-level cloud cover moving through, which is, you know, characteristic of candlestick park. nothing that the 49ers can't handle. we'll see how the saints do with that one. 48 novato. 47 in fairfield. plenty of mid 50s into the east bay with 57 in san jose. and still 55 in san mateo. numbers will be dropping off as we have seen for the past several weeks. another cold night coming our way with widespread 30s. throughout the weekend, here's where we're going to switch it up. for saturday, it's going to be sunny. heading through sunday, a cooling breeze coming back to drop our numbers. then in the seven-day forecast, rain is coming in. high pressure bringing us the jan-tober weather will push east and weaken. we'll find the dry cold front moving in over the weekend. it's not going to bring rainfall for saturday or sunday, but by sunday as that cool front sweeps across, temperatures will be
6:47 pm
dropping from the 60s down into the 50s for a lot of the bay area. so much different as we head throughout sunday. but with one more mild day left here, we do have a spare the air day. saturday, the worst air quality for the north bay. unhealthy levels. and moderate air quality elsewhere. now, as far as that rain goes, the models -- kind of getting a little bullish with this rainfall forecast here for next week. as we head throughout tuesday night, rainfall approaches offshore. by wednesday morning, we could actually have some periods of some moderate rainfall across the bay area. and then as we head throughout thursday, even friday, it keeps rain chances across the area with that jet stream pushing more to the south than we have seen in about two months. so that's a good sign of some changes here. 29 in santa rosa. 37 in fremont. and 34 in los gatos. we'll get you numbers for this weekend. you'll find that we are expecting near 70 degrees in the south bay. 68 in morgan hill. 67 in san jose. and also upper 60s for the
6:48 pm
tri-valley for livermore, dublin, also up to alamo. 63 in san mateo. and 64 in downtown san francisco. if you can't make it to the game, you weren't one of the lucky ones to get a ticket, at least if you are heading to san francisco to celebrate at one of the many fine establishments, we'll have great weather. okay. i'll let you pick the place, you know. all right. 66 in santa rosa. in the seven-day forecast, you see the chance of showers coming wednesday, thursday, and also for friday. so good news on the rainfall, great news for the 49ers this weekend. >> okay. >> a lot of people nervous for this game tomorrow. >> the big game. let's get to sports. maybe not. >> we're going to do this thing about -- >> so i get so trained about going right from weather to sports. i -- just read the prompter, raj. >> some food story now, raj. we hope you brought an appetite for this one. she's a food network favorite known for her chicken and waffles. now she's taken on the barbecue
6:49 pm
wit. lauren scott shows what they're smoking in the east bay. ♪ >> reporter: in west oakland a barbecue revival has been joined with a flair for the old west. the chef behind it is the found er of another hot spot. >> i'm tonya holland, welcome to our barbecue in west oakland. we have an active smoker. seems that premin the habit of coming to the area for barbecue so it just made sense. >> reporter: those who know barbecue knows the secret is in the sauce and taking time to get it right. >> the secret's in the time. you know, patience to create good barbecue. >> reporter: and from the mains to the side the, here preng-- presentation counts. >> it's like the old south where you get a tray of food. i wanted something more daushl. i was tired of -- casual. and i was tired of plates
6:50 pm
breaking. >> reporter: with a common refrain -- >> i don't know how many times i hear there's no good place for barbecue. i thought let's create that then. >> reporter: tuesday through saturday at lunch, you can get your fill. in west cumberland, lawrence scott. now that looked good. >> see? we're talking game food. game food! >> that looked good. forget the game, let's just eat. >> we have more from the comcast sports net newsroom. what do you have on tap foodwise for the big playoff party? >> reporter: whatever it is, it's all you can eat at my house. i do not stop eating. i'll tell you, i needed a good laugh, and raj, you cracked me up, man. this is your time of the year. you're ready to talk football. you didn't care about that barbecue package. >> i do now. >> my type of guy. all right. here we go, barbecue, deviled eggs, gauacamole sound great, but one thing you can't have on the menu is a victory.
6:51 pm
that's something your team head to order. 49ers plans are hoping their guys can come up big when they face the new orleans saint tomorrow afternoon. 49ers' offense may have a tough time keeping up with the saints. everybody knows what the opponent can do with the football. it's got the home team knowing they need to light up the scoreboard. >> go into this thing and -- and trust our own instinct. trust our gut. trust -- make it about the team. trust the team. you know, guy doesn't have to do too much. he's got to do his job and has the ability to trust his team because he's on a good team. >> i think we do a great job of identifying where they're coming from. and do a great job of film study this week. i think it's also getting outside of ourselves, playing football. you know, not changing who we are. playing great team football. and keeping our focus. >> on offense we have to do our
6:52 pm
job, take care of our responsibility. keep the ball moving. score touchdowns in the red zone. that's one area that we have to get better at. >> reporter: one of the saint' top receivers will miss the showdown tomorrow. lance moore will be sidelined with a hamstring injury. he had 52 interceptions for more than 600 yards this season. a key loss versus an already solid 49ers' defense. >> they're physical, and they're very well coached. they're very disciplined. i would say it's a team that when you watch the film, they're very good tacklers. and they're opportunistic when they're getting their hands on passes. they've got good ball skills on the back end. they've got a slew of takeaways. and i think the effort, the tackling and the fundamentals, you know, it's -- it's impressive. >> the physical presence and just the pressure they get on the quarterback and, you know, the way they push the pocket,
6:53 pm
all those things are one of their great strengths defensively. so, you know, that's obviously something we got to be ready for and play for. >> reporter: back to food. raj and jessica, we wish you had time to stop by our studio today. we threw an authentic tailgate party. everybody got their grub on. great food from wing stop. good food leads to good conversations. john henry smith and our 49ers insider matt mayoko are talking football. we're going to talk about the tight end match-up. all the love going to jimmy grand. rightfully so. he's a tremendous year especially considering they never really played organized football until recently. but, you know, the 49ers are a pretty good tight end in vernon davis. how is davis feeling about being overshadowed in this tight end match-up? >> he has an ego and doesn't like it that everybody's talking about jimmy graham. davis has been to pro-bowls, put up pretty good seasons. look for vernon davis to have
6:54 pm
opportunities split that saints two-deep zone and make big plays on saturday. >> reporter: thank you. the game is over. be sure to join us on 49ers post-game live on comcast sports net bay area. raj and jessica, i'm about to like strangle our editor. did you see that video of our tailgate party? they had my jacket completely wide open as i was sticking more food in my gut. i mean -- >> at least you had food. >> reporter: no wonder i'm overweight. that's not cool, man. >> you saw you and cam eating a lot of chick ending wings. >> reporter: it's one of those days where you wear elastic around your waist, you know. you keep eating. >> called sweatpants. >> thanks. we'll look forward to tomorrow's coverage. appreciate it. >> did miss the appetizers? >> you didn't -- yeah, we had them before you came in. >> always. >> for a full half-hour of coverage including the preview tonight, comcast sports net bay area at 10:30. thi want a baby.
6:55 pm
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[ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] coming up at 11:00, how did they get them? tainted treats turn up at a south bay middle school. students are sickened and parents are worried. why it could mean trouble for one student at a popular middle school. a busy news day. we extend our news coverage at 7:00. >> we'll have more on what happened with ross markarimi today. ous, thousands of bay area students, teachers, staff left vulnerable by a computer virus that's been going on for a decade. we'll look at what investigators
6:58 pm
are calling an infestation. scott and of course the 49ers coming up. >> okay. comcast channel -- >> 186.
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